Viqua D4+ Home Plus UV Disinfection System 12 GPM, 120 VAC (650695-R) - Free Shipping and use coupon code 5OFF for 5% off!

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1.000 LBS
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Disinfection Flow Rates

These flow rates are based on 95% UVT Water

- 16 mJ/cm2: 23 GPM (87 lpm)
- 30 mJ/cm2: 12 GPM (45 lpm)
- 40 mJ/cm2: 9 GPM (34 lpm)
- Adds state of the art UV sensor technology to the D4 UV system
- Continuous feedback of UV disinfection performance for added peace of mind
- Highly featured whole-home UV disinfection system with graphical interface designed for recommended flow rates up to 12 GPM
- Overall foot print is extremely compact due to the advanced lamp/chamber technology
Viqua's home systems are point or entry (POE), which means they're plumbed directly into the water line where it enters the house. This ensures that clean, safe water is available at every tap in your home. So whether you are cooking, brushing your teeth, or having a shower, you can rest assured that your water is free from harmful microbes.

- POE (Point-Of-Entry) filtration
- Homes
- Condos
- Cottages, RV's and Boats
- Rainwater