Cimatec Aircleen 1500 20" x 25" Electronic Air Filter

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1. Higher efficiency
2. Lower pressure drop
3. Electro-fibre™ media 
4. Superior electronics

Aircleen 1500 offers HEPA CLASS™ PERFORMANCE for about 1/4 of the price of a HEPA air cleaner. It silently works in the background while you work, play or sleep. It purifies your indoor air to the smallest particle. Model 1500 is a high security prison for mites, bacteria, mould, viruses and other harmful microscopic airborne particles and organisms.

Its electro-fibres evenly deliver just the right amount of charge to feather-light media. Once charged, the media acts as a powerful magnet quietly attracting particles below one micron.

A combination of these factors allows Aircleen 1500 to have the lowest pressure drop on
the market. Low pressure drop saves you hundreds of dollars annually on your heating and cooling costs.