Halco 107610 Halogen Light Bulb

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 Halogen PAR Caution: Before using bulb, see operating instructions on package. Adhering to these operating instructions will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury or fire. The halogen capsule contained inside this glass bulb operates under pressure, at high temperatures and could unexpectedly shatter. Should the outer bulb break, particles of extremely hot glass could be discharged into the fixture and/or surrounding area, creating a risk of personal injury or fire. Operating Instructions: Turn power off and let lamp cool before replacing or inspecting to avoid electrical shock or burn. For indoor and outdoor use. A weather-protected fixture is recommended for wet locations. Suitable for use in open fixtures. Do not exceed the fixture maximum wattage rating. Do not use if outer glass is scratched or broken. Lamp may continue to operate if outer glass breaks, however immediately discontinue use. Do not use in close proximity to combustible materials.

Use only with heat-resistant connector and with lamp supported by bulb rim.