Zoomlock EBVP-1033-PZK 3/8" Ball Valve (502160)

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Parker Hannifin - 502160 - ZoomLock™ EBVP-1033-PZK 3/8" Ball Valve

ZoomLockTM compatible EBVP-PZK ball valves and braze-free fittings make your job of joining copper tubes simpler and faster. The one-piece fittings, specially designed to work without brazing, are reliably secure, leak-proof and more repeatable than brazed connections - so there’s no compromise on quality or performance.
Professionals who have tried ZoomLock braze-free couplings report that their time and labor costs on tube connections are typically reduced 40 - 60% on average by eliminating the need for brazing. The biggest benefit
of that improved efficiency is more productivity and increased profit potential, but there are also many other exciting advantages to braze-free tube connecting:

  • Less equipment and no gas needed
  • Safer conditions, no fire hazards
  • No hot work permits required
  • More environment-friendly
  • No solder-related quality issues
  • More flexible access to job sites
  • No need to nitrogen-purge