Sloan Optima EL-600-A Hardwired Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle Retrofit Kit (3305201)

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Sloan's Optima SMOOTH (Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle) AC powered, sensor activated retrofit unit for exposed water closets and urinal Flushometers provides the ultimate in sanitary protection and automatic operation. Sloan SMOOTH works out of the box and installs in minutes. Simply slide the unit over the Flushometer handle and tighten the clamp.


  • ADA compliant Optima SMOOTH AC powered infrared sensor for automatic "hands-free" operation
  • Sensor w/ automatic range adjustment
  • Chrome plated metal sensor housing
  • Mechanical manual override flush handle
  • "User in View" flashing LED
  • Sentinel Flush Mode
  • Vandal resistant 1/8" Ball-Type Hex Key included

Accessories: (Sold Separately)

    EL-386 Transformer - 120 VAC/6 VAC/7.6 VDC, 50/60 Hz (3 VA) - Plug-In (will operate 1 Optima Closet/Urinal Flushometer).
  • EL-451 Transformer - 120 VAC/6 VAC (25 VA) - Box Mount (will operate up to 8 Optima Closet/Urinal Flushometers).

NOTE: Side-Mount-Operator-Over-The-Handle (SMOOTH) units DO NOT include a Valve Body, Supply Stop or Vacuum Breaker