Sporlan 169361 Thermostatic Expansion Valve

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The Sporlan Type R balanced port thermostatic expansion valve has a brass bar stock body. The R valve has SAE flare connections in a variety of common sizes, and the valve is equipped with a 100 mesh inlet strainer integral to the fitting. There is also an option for a 15% bleed port, if required. It is available with adjustable superheat, a long lasting replaceable power element, and accessible internal parts. Each valve is factory tested to ensure positive leak-free performance. The balanced port design provides perfect pin and port alignment and prevents pressure drop across the valve from influencing valve operation.

• Air Conditioning
• Heat Pump
• Refrigeration
• Transportation

Features and Benefits:
• Inlet strainer
• Can be applied in bi-directional applications
• Can operate over widely varying operating conditions
• Thermostatic charges available to match system conditions
• Available with internal equalizer or external equalizer
• Design working pressure for the R valve is 450 psi (31 bar). For R-410A only the design working pressure is 700 psi (48.3 bar)

• Heat Pumps
• Air Conditioning – Residential, Commercial, Chillers
• Refrigeration – Cases, Coolers, Walk in Coolers, Freezers
• Capacity ranges from 1/3 to 6 tons R-22
• Transportation

For over 80 years the Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin has set the industry standard for the development and manufacture of leading edge HVACR components. Our outside technical sales force and application engineering team focuses on refrigeration system applications and troubleshooting for service technicians, distribution channel partners, and original equipment manufacturers.